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99% Body Purify

99% Body Purify

Extracorporeal Blood Purification Treatment
with Ozone, Light and Ultraviolet

What's 99?

We are one of the first clinics for this type of therapy in the USA.

“99% Body Purify” or “99” for short is a treatment based on a modern, entire volume blood filter device  which works in a unique way. It literally traps lipids and proteins which are in excess in the venous blood supply by using the integrated diffusing membranes within the filter fibers and membranes.

What It Does?


Effectively fights virus

It is designed to gently and naturally remove all pathogens including bacteria, virus, fungi as well as filtering out many pathological substances of all kinds from the body.

Adresses Chronic Inflammation

It also addresses the root of nearly all diseases in human body – chronic inflammation, thus, creating a positive impacts on the quality of life and performance of many patients.

Removes Environmental Toxins

Environmental toxins are the root of almost every skin issue. Once they are removed from the blood flow your body can reset.

Supports Natural Balance

We use it as an adjunct to treatment for cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia and general well-being.

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99% Body Purify

A Proprietary technology without the side effects

99 utilizes different forms of alternative medicine, making it a unique treatment for patients to provide long-lasting relief without the side effects.

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