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About MJA - MJA Healthcare Network

The MJA HealthCare Network is one of Pennsylvania’s most advanced organizations specializing in the management and treatment of pain of all kinds, addiction, cognitive impairment, obesity and promotion of general well-being. Millions of Americans suffer from different painful conditions daily, and quite often they have suffered for years without adequate treatment.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of our patients. Too many times, people suffer every day and are unable to enjoy daily activities with their families and loved ones. Whether it is enjoying a nice evening stroll or playing a round of golf, we try to help all of our patients manage their pain so they can get back to living a normal life.

Patients are referred from a variety of specialists, including chiropractic, primary care, orthopedic and neurological services.
Fast appointment scheduling is available and we now offer online booking for your convenience. 

We accept most private insurance plans, Medicare and State Programs, Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury plans. We are accepting new patients, have minimal waiting times, and are eager to help you, so call today to make an appointment or book online to schedule your visit with us.

Our Founder, Mikhail Artamonov, MD

Dr. Mikhail Artamonov - MJA Healthcare Network

Dr. Mikhail Artamonov, referred affectionately and syllable-saving as “Dr A” has a complex and woven background but is guided by one simple credo: the practice of Good Medicine. He believes that new medical technologies not only make medicine more effective but can actually make it more personal. He is the visionary and inspiration behind MJA HealthCare Network. Born in Moscow, Russia, his earliest experience was as an Ob-Gyn Nursing Aide… at the age of 14.

Dr A then earned his medical degree at the prestigious 1st Moscow Medical Sechenov School, which consistently rates among the top medical schools in Europe. This was just the start of his training as he then earned a Master’s in Oriental Philosophy and Linguistics at Tianjin University, China; training in Psychiatry at Hannover Medical University, Germany; returned to Moscow for a PhD in Clinical Research in Prolotherapy; moved to the USA for an internship at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital; Residency Training at Temple University, Philadelphia; received a Combined Pain Fellowship at Harvard Medical School (one open position annually).

As a continuation of his lifelong passion about good medicine, he graduated from the only Fellowship Program in USA in Functional, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine with Board certification in this unique and highly demanded specialty with special interest in stem cell research.

He was one of the founding members of American Academy of Ozonotherapy and among first 3 physicians in the US certified in both general ozone application (FAAO) and prolozone (APT) – http://aaot.us. Over 25 years of his non-stop search around our planet for the best medical knowledge he became trained in different specialties including Neurology and Physiatry, Anesthesiology and Psychiatry, Internal and Integrative Medicine. He brought together unique technologies from all over world to achieve the best for his patients.


He founded and developed “Social Medical Network” ™ “Health Is Everything” ™ in New York City unifying the entire spectrum of healthcare providers from different backgrounds and developed “Health Passport”™ – unique combination screening tests of human mind and body that can be used as a health markers over time. The reflection of this work became his published books “Health Is Everything” and “Your Health, Your Weight, Your Life” available on Amazon.

Over the period of last several years, he got involved into the growing movement of Medical Cannabis and became an advocate of extensive medical research and applications of medical cannabis. As a result of this journey, he published a book “Pot Luck: Why Marijuana is Today’s Medicine” coauthoring with Richard Lewis, the marketing guru and mastermind behind the “Absolut” vodka brand. Book has continuously 5-star rating on Amazon. As one of the reviewer said: “This is a really good book. It removes the stigma connected to marijuana in a very entertaining way. I loved reading the personal success stories of the patients. I enjoyed watching the history of marijuana told in a simple, friendly way, exposing how we were taught to believe it to be such a terrible thing. So much in life is how the story is told, and this is told very well”.

Dr. A is Board Certified in 6 major areas of Medicine: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Brain Medicine, Functional, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine and Independent Medical Examination and holds a number of smaller board certifications. He is also licensed acupuncturist in the states of PA and NY.

Medical Cannabis - MJA Healthcare Network

Professional Affiliations

Professional Academy of Medical Thermology, Vice-President – 2013-present

American Society of Bariatric Physicians- 2011-present

American Society of Sleep Physicians- 2011-present

American Association of Ozonotherapy, founding member- 2011-present

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine- 2009-present

American Pain Society Pennsylvania Medical Society- 2005-present

American Academy of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation- 2004-present

Dr A is great doctor! And we are all super lucky to have him in our area - he would be a star in any place... So not sure where do people write these bad reviews... It has to be a hidden reason that they dnt disclose - and in pain management there are plenty of those reasons - mostly drugs... His office has never been a pill mill - quite the opposite - trying to help to get off all drugs using techniques from all over the world and simply his energy and compassion...The procedures that he does give an instant relief, i'm constantly seeing him for many years! His treatment approaches and different techniques are clearly above any pain clinic level - and i've been treated in the best centers including John Hopkins! Yes if your doctor is busy like Dr A is - it's hard for staff to keep up - only those who truly care, and put patients above themselves survive there - i see many leave... can't say it's good but i see why - he just doesn't tolerate sloppiness and laziness because he works like a machine himself to help everyone around!

Self-verified patient of Dr. Mikhail J Artamonov

got my knee fixed with their stem cell program... excellent doctor and right to to the point... staff can be better as always but considering what you get there it's irrelevant... sent all my friends and family with different problems there including weight management, addiction and others - there and they are all happy so far highly recommended!

Self-verified patient of Dr. Mikhail J Artamonov

If you are looking for a drug dr. Stop reading and move on. The ENTIRE STAFF cares about you. They try to resolve your problem not mask it with pain pills. Having Rsd for over 20 years , ( very painful nerve damage )they ( staff also) do not play games.he is the ONLY Dr. I trust. Very understanding, empathy, also gives you options on ways you can go with detailed explanations, that even an idiot would understand ( lol) ,on how and what route would be to your benefit. Staff is courteous , and quick on callbacks , and setting up any testing that may be needed. Office is ahead on technology. An example is that he does DNA so you are getting the medication that suites you best. . Dr.s here are very aggressive to my rsd. I'm lucky, my Rsd should have spread by now, they have kept it at bay. I truly believe that without them I'd be bedridden , instead I live as close to a normal life as you can get with this disease ... THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

Self-verified patient of Dr. Mikhail J Artamonov

Outstanding,Outstanding,Outstanding,Outstanding🙋Dr A is The Best, And his Wonderful Office associates just a Great👍Office

Joseph C.

Love this place, everyone is very nice and kind. This Dr does good things, not many like him around!

Eileen S.

I have been coming to this clinic for years, and they are the best in what they do. Staff is always helpful. The doctors there are professional.

Daniel A.

I love the professional courtious staff and Dr.Artomanov is top notch in his field. I HIGHLY recommend Mja!!!

Robin H.

This place is the best especially Faiza Qureshi she is a professional Physician Assistant.

Haroon Q.
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