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MJA healthcare network of clinics is where the cutting-edge medicine from all around the world connects to fulfill our patients’ needs. Our clinic is specialized in pain management, holistic approaches, and anti-age medicine. We also provide supervised weight loss & diet programs.


Monday – Friday            09:00 – 17:00

Mikhail Artamonov

CEO & Founder

Why Choose us
why choose us

Why People Trust
MJA Healthcare

Referred to affectionately by his patients and staff as “Dr A”, he is guided by one simple credo: the practice of good medicine. The new medical technologies he employs not only make medicine more effective but can actually make it more personal.


Qualified Doctors

Dr Mikhail Artamonov is a Harvard educated board certified physician that has some of the most extensive training in pain management with an emphasis on the spine.


Trusted Treatment

The MJA HealthCare Network is one of Pennsylvania’s most trusted and advanced medical organizations specializing in the management pain, addiction, obesity and wellness.


Personal Approach

The new medical technologies not only make medicine more effective but can actually make it personal. Integrative approach is what defines MJA's core values.

Our Services

We Provide
Good Medicine

Patients are referred from a variety of specialists, including chiropractic, primary care, orthopedic and neurological services.

Fast appointment scheduling is available and we now offer online booking for your convenience. 

Our Services

Pain Management

Utilizing the most cutting-edge advancements, MJA Healthcare is uniquely suited to provide the best in pain management.

Anti-Age Medicine

Rejuvenate and protect your body from age-related diseases & begin looking and feeling better than ever.

99% Body Purify

99 utilizes different forms of alternative medicine, making it a unique treatment for patients to provide long-lasting relief without the side effects.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone treatment has a full package of medical properties enabling its usage in physiotherapy, dermatology, and regenerative medicine for treating patients with different conditions.

Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme Disease is transmitted by ticks infected with Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria. Often Lyme Disease symptoms are confused with other disease.

Weight Management

Utilizing the latest developments in weight loss and aesthetic technology, we will assess your body to determine what will bring you the best results for long lasting and permanent targeted fat loss.


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