Stem Cell Rejuvenation

Orthobiologic Stem Cell Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a new, non-operative treatment that frequently relieves pain and promotes lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions. PRP Therapy uses components of a person’s own blood cells to formulate a customized concoction that stimulates the natural healing process in many orthopedic conditions. Stem cells, extracted from bone marrow or body fat, may also be used in conjunction with PRP therapy to catalyze the effect. A “fat graft” (adipose sample procured from a mini liposuction) is an excellent source of stem cells, which, when blended with the PRP to stimulate the stem cells to maturation, can often reverse osteoarthritis. The stem cells live much longer than the platelets and therefore may be “boosted” after about a month, increasing the effect of stem cell grafting without having to harvest them again.

The goal of PRP Therapy with stem cells is to resolve pain through real healing. Initial improvement may be seen within a few weeks, gradually increasing as healing progresses. Studies have shown PRP therapy to be frequently effective at relieving pain and returning patients to their normal activities. Both ultrasound and MRI images have shown definitive tissue repair after PRP therapy, confirming the healing process. The need for surgery may be reduced by treating injured tissue before the damage progresses and the condition is irreversible.