Cytokine Therapy Treatment

Cytokine Therapy Treatment

Immune cells communicate with each other via chemical messages. A chemical, called a cytokine, might direct cells to where they are needed to combat an infection. Yet other cytokines may cause cells to clone themselves to build up an arsenal to fight a specific infection.

Cytokine molecules (also called interleukins, interferons, growth factors and tumor necrosing factors–TNFs) are involved in essentially every important biological process, from cell proliferation to inflammation, immunity, migration, fibrosis, repair and angiogenesis.

Cytokine therapies have tremendous potential for treating and reducing the debilitating effects of a variety of diseases, including some forms of cancer, as well as chronic inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). These intercellular communicators help activate numerous processes in the body in virtually all cell types, and they are well known for their role recruiting and activating immune cells in response to injury and infection.

Cytokines are signaling proteins that are produced by white blood cells. They help mediate and regulate immune responses, inflammation and hematopoiesis, which is new blood cell formation. Cytokines form the building blocks of life and are key components in cellular communication.

Cytokines may be classified as peptides, proteins or glycoproteins. From the Greek cyto (“cell”) and kinos (“movement”), cytokines organize cellular tasks. They work as a communication network between cells and immune system cells, among other functions. Cytokines have both direct and indirect effects on stem cells and other types of more mature cells.

Cytokines dramatically affect the micro-environments of the cells by organizing the cellular tasks. By giving the “repair orders” at the cellular level, this causes a cascade of metabolic pathways that extend from the cellular levels to the tissues. Various combinations of cytokines determine what type of repair is needed and then signals the metabolism to download the program of biochemicals to rebuild the connective tissue.

There are both good and bad cytokines. For example, the symptoms of osteoarthritis are likely caused by bad cytokines. These bad cytokines cause pain, swelling and typically cell death, called a catabolic state. This means tissue is breaking down, causing destruction of the cells and eventually failure of the system.

Good cytokines can be manipulated with both stem cell and PRP injections to counteract bad cytokines. The joint or tendon is transformed into an anabolic state, which means tissue is being built up.

In addition to modulating inflammation, good cytokines help repair tissue, including connective tissue and promote collagen synthesis. They can also direct other cells to areas needing repair and stimulate angiogenesis (meaning it forms blood vessels).

Cytokines act as key communicators for immune cells. Maintaining a delicate balance within the multi-levels of these communicators is vital for health. However, in many chronic diseases, this balance is disrupted. Thus, therapeutic targeting of cytokine pathways promises great hope for patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Guna Biotechnology has made leading-edge cytokine therapies available with FDA-registered oral cytokines. Researcher and expert in cytokine therapy, Dr. Jo Serrentino, has developed numerous protocols that can provide extended care and rebuilding of the connective tissue matrix and musculoskeletal components. No two patients are alike and utilizing cytokine therapy allows us to control some variables that have limited the body’s capacity to self heal.

Dr A is great doctor! And we are all super lucky to have him in our area - he would be a star in any place... So not sure where do people write these bad reviews... It has to be a hidden reason that they dnt disclose - and in pain management there are plenty of those reasons - mostly drugs... His office has never been a pill mill - quite the opposite - trying to help to get off all drugs using techniques from all over the world and simply his energy and compassion...The procedures that he does give an instant relief, i'm constantly seeing him for many years! His treatment approaches and different techniques are clearly above any pain clinic level - and i've been treated in the best centers including John Hopkins! Yes if your doctor is busy like Dr A is - it's hard for staff to keep up - only those who truly care, and put patients above themselves survive there - i see many leave... can't say it's good but i see why - he just doesn't tolerate sloppiness and laziness because he works like a machine himself to help everyone around!

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got my knee fixed with their stem cell program... excellent doctor and right to to the point... staff can be better as always but considering what you get there it's irrelevant... sent all my friends and family with different problems there including weight management, addiction and others - there and they are all happy so far highly recommended!

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If you are looking for a drug dr. Stop reading and move on. The ENTIRE STAFF cares about you. They try to resolve your problem not mask it with pain pills. Having Rsd for over 20 years , ( very painful nerve damage )they ( staff also) do not play games.he is the ONLY Dr. I trust. Very understanding, empathy, also gives you options on ways you can go with detailed explanations, that even an idiot would understand ( lol) ,on how and what route would be to your benefit. Staff is courteous , and quick on callbacks , and setting up any testing that may be needed. Office is ahead on technology. An example is that he does DNA so you are getting the medication that suites you best. . Dr.s here are very aggressive to my rsd. I'm lucky, my Rsd should have spread by now, they have kept it at bay. I truly believe that without them I'd be bedridden , instead I live as close to a normal life as you can get with this disease ... THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

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Outstanding,Outstanding,Outstanding,Outstanding🙋Dr A is The Best, And his Wonderful Office associates just a Great👍Office

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Love this place, everyone is very nice and kind. This Dr does good things, not many like him around!

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I have been coming to this clinic for years, and they are the best in what they do. Staff is always helpful. The doctors there are professional.

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I love the professional courtious staff and Dr.Artomanov is top notch in his field. I HIGHLY recommend Mja!!!

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This place is the best especially Faiza Qureshi she is a professional Physician Assistant.

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