‪ Diet, Exercise and Stem Cell Development

Previously, we discussed how to take full advantage of your regenerative medicine treatment through diet alteration and taking supplements. Proper diet, nutrition and exercise have demonstrated to be key components in healthy living – and they give you the support you need in receiving treatments. But living healthy is also helping the growth and development of your […]

How to Take Full Advantage of Your Regenerative Medicine Treatment

So you’ve decided to try regenerative medicine and are excited about your new journey toward relief. There’s nothing more settling than knowing that a solution is in sight, especially when the pain has been a constant nuisance and headache. Making that decision to receive treatments is a good start, but there are other decisions you […]

Is Cytokine Therapy Treatment for Me?

Cytokine molecules are chemicals that direct cells to where they need to go to combat an infection. They are also capable of causing cells to clone themselves in order to build an arsenal to fight a specific infection. They are the communicators between various immune cells, and play a large role in how your body […]

5 Benefits of a Bio-Facial with Pure Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

A bio-facial with pure platelet rich plasma is the “no-facelift facelift.” In other words, you will receive all the benefits of getting a facelift without actually getting one – no invasive surgery and no foreign products. So if you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror lately, and considered improving your skin texture, tone or color, […]

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Relieve Pain

What are Stem Cells? Could you imagine your body having the inability to heal itself after tearing muscle tissue? Or the inability to replenish and replace dying and dead skin cells. Well that’s where stem cells come in. They do that and so much more. A stem cell is unique to any other cell in […]

Seeking Medical Relief

You have talked with doctors or other healthcare professionals about your condition, only to find that you get various opinions. No one agrees on how to treat your pain, or how and when you can go back to work. It certainly can be frustrating. Traditionally, doctors have had success treating symptoms and curing acute (short-term) […]